Do your own thing!

TVC 60sec German w/ subtitles
This sequence is a fun and electrifying journey directed by David Aufdembrinke. With his own personal style he nailed down the perfect atmosphere and tone.

After the success from the #BuiltWithJimdo campaign in 2016, it was time to produce their next one called, 'Do your own thing!'.
Co-produced by FCB, E+P Films, and the Storylab at Jimdo.

The concept is a very personal message about just ignoring your doubts and following your passion. It's about just keep going and doing your own thing.

Behind the scenes


Yoga pro – Jenny Siering
Hopper Bräu – Lars Grosskurth
Hulahoop extraordinaire – Nina Stricker
Architect – Stefan Sandrock

Jimdo GmbH
Executive producer: Christian Riedel
Planning producer: Anja Christian
Consulting producer: Kerstin Ebert
Art Director: Jonas Jansson

FCB Hamburg
Creative Director: Michael Okun
Head of TV: Holger Siegle
Account Director: Martina Dellinger

E+P Films – On the set
Executive producer: Burak Heplevent
Producer: Markus Hölting
Produktionsassistenz: Viviane Völker
Aufnahmeleitung: Jens Timm
Regie: David Aufdembrinke
Regieassistenz: Lasse Buchhop
Kameramann: Jakob Süß
1. AC: Oliver Menebröcker
2. AC: Ivan Reis Oliveira
DIT: Fabian Schmid
Video Operator: Sebastian Stelter
Oberbeleuchter: Thies Lehmann
Bestboy: Sven Edelwek
Beleuchter: Philipp Barth
Beleuchter: Alex Ehlers
Grip: Thomas Spiering
Art Director: Dorle Bahlburg
Art Director Assist.: Sanne Siegel
Props: Verena Schlünsen
Construction: Christian Petersen
Styling: Ulrike Schlüter
Maske: Diana Ramovic
Fahrer / Runner: Benjamin Trinh-Bomme
Fahrer / Runner: Kolja Rangenau
Set-Fotograf: Sven Heinrich
Making of: Rene von St. George
SM-Film-Team: Thomas Schenk
Catering: Moviemampf

E+P Films – Post-production
Post Producer: Peter Heberling
Editor: Shahin Shokoui
After Effects: Luisa Klein
Flame: Timo Wenzel

German Wahnsinn – Sound studio
Composer: Moritz P.G. Katz
Soundmix: Ralf Lippmann

Das Werk Hamburg
Color Grading: Robin Schmude


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